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What To Look For In A Roofing Estimate?

What To Look For In A Roofing Estimate?

When considering repairing or completely replacing your roof, it is important to understand what a basic roofing estimate is.
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When considering repairing or completely replacing your roof, it is important to understand what a basic roofing estimate is. This article explains the roofing estimate, discussing the details of the roofing estimate and what to look for in a roofing estimate.

What Should Be Included in a Roofing Estimate?

Being conscious of the roofing estimate is necessary in choosing a reliable and trustworthy contractor. A roofing estimate is a detailed overview of all the services you can expect from your contractor. Moreover, an estimate sheet for roofing is also a document that briefs about all the costs for the roofing project. Understanding the importance of a well-defined roofing estimate is crucial in finding a reliable contractor.

In Florida, contractors must detail you about their services before they start working. So, one thing you can expect from a reliable contractor is that they explain everything before and not after starting their job.

Here’s what the roofing estimate should include:

How to Write a Roofing Estimate: Key Elements That Must Be Included 

Details that make a contractor authentic and a roofing estimate more reliable are as follows:


  • The roofing estimate must have all the information about the material that the contractor will use in building your roof. Including the brand, thickness etc of the material. 
  • This helps prove the authenticity and quality of the material. Also, you can estimate the costs as it heavily depends on the expenses of the material. 
  • A few common materials used in roofing:
    • Asphalt Shingles, Slate, Metal, Wood, Clay or Concrete Tiles. Although, customers have a lot more options.

Labor Cost:

  • The labor cost must be mentioned in the roofing estimate to give you an insight into the workers’ skill level, the job’s complexity and the period required to finish the work.
  • Labor costs are included in the cost components of the roofing estimate, along with all the other expenses.


  • When the work will be started and when it will finish must be mentioned in the roofing estimate.
  • It will help you break down the costs and choose an affordable option.  

Expenses Of The Cleanup

A huge part of the work is the cleanup after the job is done. After the roof is fixed or completely replaced, it is your contractor’s responsibility to get the place cleaned, and the cleanup will require more money, so the roofing estimate must also mention these expenses. 

Contractor’s Reputation And Experience

Look for the contractor’s experience and reputation in the roofing estimate. If not mentioned, research about them before hiring in order to make an accurate decision. Also, if your country requires a license from roofing contractors, ensure that you seek their license and make sure it’s authentic.


Permits are essential to ensure that the structure that is under construction is being built according to the current state and local code standards. A city inspector might visit and ensure this after the work is completed.  

What Type Of Warranties Should Be Mentioned in Roofing Estimate?

If you’ve found yourself wondering ‘what should my roof estimate include’, here’s the key information in a roofing estimate:

Material Defect Warranty:

  • The material defect warranty states that if there are any defects in the material, it is the responsibility of the contractor to fix or replace it.
  • The contractor needs to mention the details of the roofing estimate such as material defect warranty.

Workmanship Warranty:

  • The workmanship warranty guarantees the quality of the contractor’s work. 
  • The workmanship warranty is an agreement between the contractor and the customer that guarantees the quality of the work that will be provided to the customer. 
  • Mentioning this in the estimate sheet for roofing is crucial. 

Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions are to be addressed in the roofing estimate for the customer to understand before they decide to hire the contractor. A few common terms and conditions are;

  • Contractors can ask for advance payments. They are allowed to receive 50% of the full payment before they start the work and anytime in between. 
  • If, for any reason, you fail to pay your dues before the deadline, the contractor can ask for an interest on the payment. 
  • The quotation prices are non-negotiable.
  • The deadlines may change along the way after the work starts, so any dates given prior are not exact. 
  • The basic things like providing the contractor with water, electricity, and toilet facilities are the responsibility of the client.  
  • Also, the client is responsible for providing a safe, clear, secure site for the contractor.   
  • Additional costs may apply if the provided site is not ready to work on. 
  • The contractor is allowed to display their name on the site they are working on. 
  • When getting the work done, you need to have the permission of neighbors or any third party present; the contractor is not responsible for dealing with these people. Additional costs may be applied if the work is detailed due to any of these factors.
  • If any additional work is being performed on the client’s demand, the client will be charged extra. 
  • If you (the client) are providing the material and it is defective, the contractor is not to be blamed. So, if any problem with the roof arises due to a defect in the material, the contractor will not be responsible for its consequences. 
  • The contractor is allowed to hire any subcontractors if required. 

A Few Factors To Keep In Mind. What Should a Roofing Estimate Look Like

Hiring a contractor based on affordability may seem like a smart option, but there is more to it than money. Wondering how to read a roofing estimate and what factors are important? When hiring a contractor, here is what you should opt for;

  • The expenses of the roofing mainly depend on the complexity of the job. So, when you are averaging the costs, keep this factor in your mind. Get an estimate sheet for roofing from your contractor. 
  • Another expense might be the transportation cost. The costs might increase if the contractor you plan to work with is far from you. You can also see examples of roofing estimates and check reports that include the roofing estimate to get an idea.  
  • Whether you are getting your roof replaced or just repaired will also affect the costs.
  • The experience and the level of excellence of the workers can also affect the costs of the job.  

Keeping these factors in mind when comparing roofing estimates is essential. 

Final Thoughts

Getting your roof repaired or replaced may be complex work, but by making the right decision, you can successfully do so. 

  • Work with reliable and reputable contractors to have the best experience. 
  • Review different roofing estimates and compare the details before deciding upon a contractor. 
  • Estimating the expenses is also essential for choosing an affordable option. 
  • The terms and conditions are also to be kept in mind to avoid legal mistakes.
  • Always go through your contract carefully before signing it.

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Q1. Is insurance coverage mentioned in the estimate?

  1. insurance coverage is not typically mentioned in the information of the roof estimate, but homeowners need to check their insurance coverage before hiring a contractor. 

Q2. Are permits and local regulations addressed in the estimate?

  1. Yes, permits and local regulations are usually mentioned in the details of the roofing sheet of estimate. It is important to ensure the safety and quality of work. 

Q3. Can I make changes to the roofing project after receiving the estimate?

  1. Whether or not you can make changes depends on your contract. Read your contract carefully and look through the clauses that mention change orders. 
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