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Roofing Contractor in Avalon / Avalon Beach, FL

The roof on your residence or business is the first line of defense against disasters from Hurricane Sally to extreme thunderstorm winds.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Emerald Coast Roofing, LLC, is a full-service, local roofing contractor in Avalon / Avalon Beach, FL, familiar with the difficulties presented by Florida's climate. We specialize in roof replacement, roof maintenance & repair, new roof installation, and financing services. Call us right away to arrange a free consultation.

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Emerald Coast Roofing Company in Avalon / Avalon Beach, FL

Our versatile team offers the following roofing services:

Roof Inspections:
Annual inspections keep the roof in good shape while preventing future issues. As Avalon / Avalon Beach roofing contractor, our technicians can develop an inspection timeline, analyze the roof's overall condition, identify potential problems, and suggest a suitable solution.
Roof Repair:
A well-kept roof is the first line of defense against the elements. Regular repairs and maintenance will extend the roof's life and save you money on future repairs. The Emerald Coast Roofing staff offers experience in a wide range of leak repair and other services, from curled shingles to drooping roofs.
Roof Installation:
As a Avalon / Avalon Beach professional roofing contractor, our team examines your roof for insurance and offers new roof installation services. If any simple repairs save your roof, we will do so.
Roof Replacement:
If damaged or missing shingles, an outdated roof, any damage from water, an increase in AC or heating bills, or biological growth is present, a new roof may be necessary. Emerald Coast Roofing offers experienced shingle and metal roof replacements and premium roofing solutions.
As a reliable residential roofing contractor with affordable quality, we deliver a wide variety of services to assist homeowners in safeguarding their residences, loved ones, and assets from the elements.
As a top commercial roofing contractor in Avalon / Avalon Beach, FL, we employ competent roofers offering comprehensive services to meet our customers' diverse requirements. We have the expertise and exclusive resources to assist with installing and maintaining different commercial roof systems.
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Your Top Avalon / Avalon Beach Local Roofing Installers

You will receive comprehensive roofing services from our expert workforce. We offer the resources and knowledge for roofing in Avalon /
Avalon Beach to keep your residences or businesses safe. 

When you choose us, you receive:

  • Personalized roofing options with TAMKO’s asphalt shingles,
  • Guaranteed 100% satisfaction,
  • Excellent customer care,
  • Residential & commercial offerings,
  • And comprehensive services.

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We give various shingle options in partnership with trusted brands to offer you versatile, high-quality options.

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Consider Emerald Coast Roofing, Your Trusted Contractor

With a full license, insurance, and 17 years of experience in roofing, remodeling, and construction, Emerald Coast Roofing can pinpoint problem areas precisely. Using reliable tools and materials, we offer thorough, trustworthy, and accurate solutions for your business or household projects. Our adaptability and TAMKO contractor qualifications make us a unique resource for the neighboring areas.  

Hurricane Sally devastated our local villages in the year 2020. Following that, our team believed that our Avalon /Avalon Beach roofing company could aid in the community’s restoration. We sought local nominees and replaced several roofs. We assisted McGhee’s in restoring the safety of their residence by donating roofing components from the Heely Brown supplies store. 

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While marketing your property, curb appeal is vital. As per the NRA (National Association of Realtors), a new roof recovers 100 percent of its value during a sale.  

Give your home or business the curb appeal it deserves. Your dream is an investment, and we as trusted roofers will passionately protect it.  

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How We Work

Roof Estimate and Inspection 

 Our roofing professionals will sit down with you to evaluate repairs & property, inspect the quality of your current roofing structure, recommend solutions, discuss the benefits of different roofing materials, and answer any concerns. 

Installation and Replacement

Our experts will design and install your brand-new roofing system after identifying the optimal solution.

Maintenance and Care

Following installation, our technicians offer expert service to monitor your new roofing system’s overall condition and health to ensure it works effectively.

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Q: How much will a New Roof Cost?
Various factors determine the cost of a whole replacement roof for Avalon / Avalon Beach's roofers. The primary size factor is the roof's size; the greater the number of square feet at play, the higher the labor and material costs. A built-up roof with multiple material layers can cost between $2.50 and $5 per square foot to replace.
Q: Should I Hire a Pro Roofing Contractor?
The first and most crucial reason you should use Avalon / Avalon Beach professional roofing contractors is for your safety. Professionals at any Avalon / Avalon Beach Roofing company will have the skills and knowledge to operate and move on the roof in a safe manner.
Q: How Do I Pick the Best Roofing Company?
Begin by asking about referrals and speaking with previous clients. Examine the roofer's insurance, reviews, and license as well. Please inquire with the Avalon / Avalon Beach Roofing Company regarding their products and guarantees on materials and labor. Roofing contractors ought to tidy up after themselves, complete the work on time, and fix any faults immediately.

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