Choosing the Best Roof Shingle Color for Florida Homes

Choosing the Best Roof Shingle Color for Florida Homes

Choosing the best roof shingles color for Florida homes is a crucial decision that goes beyond aesthetics.
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Choosing the best roof shingles color for Florida homes is a crucial decision that goes beyond aesthetics. Your choice is important, and can impact the appearance of the house, surroundings and internal temperature regulations. How to choose shingle color is a significant question for homeowners. They go through a complex process, considering energy efficiency, visual harmony, and potential regulatory constraints. 

Understanding how to choose roof shingle color requires a balance between contextual factors and personal preferences. If you live in Crestview, Niceville, Milton, Pensacola, Pace, Florida and are confused about choosing roof shingle color, this article is for you. From considering factors like the warm climate and architectural landscape of Florida, to balancing between aesthetics and practicality, this article will help you make an informed decision on what color roof is the best. Keep reading!

Roof Color Options

Explore a wide range of roofing material color palettes from Tamko for your Florida Home. Tamko is a renowned company that offers extensive color choices that cater to various aesthetic preferences. These color schemes are categorized in such a way that helps make choosing shingle color an easy process. Their distinct collection is curated thoughtfully to suit different style preferences. Here are some of their offerings: 

  • Black colors (Rustic Black, Black Walnut)
  • Gray colors (Thunderstorm Grey, Antique Slate, Oxford Grey, Shadow Grey, Glacier White)
  • Brown colors (Autumn Brown, Natural Timber, Rustic Redwood, Rustic Slate, Weathered Wood)
  • Sand colors (Desert Sand, Rustic Cedar)
  • Green color (Rustic Evergreen)

Explore the best roof color for Florida homes with  Tamko all shingle colors. Get the best color for roof shingles and elevate the visual appeal of your home. 

Black Colors

Choosing black color for roof shingles in Florida offers several benefits based on different factors. Black roof color will absorb more heat. In Florida’s warm climate, this can contribute to energy efficiency and better insulation. In addition to this, black roofs often add to the appeal of the house, providing a sleek and modern appearance.  

Black shingles also tend to resist fading due to UV rays more effectively than light colors. In the Sunshine State, this quality leads to the roof’s longevity in terms of appearance and color. With respect to local regulations, black is a commonly accepted color for roofs in many areas and it pairs well with different exterior colors, offering versatility. Lastly, black roof color can hide stains and dirt, requiring less frequent cleaning. 

Gray Colors

Choosing gray roof shingles for your Florida home can come with many benefits. Being lighter, gray colors reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat as compared to darker colors. This enables them to contribute to a cooler home interior. In Florida, gray colored roofs can contribute to better regulation of temperature. Additionally, a gray roof can go with various house styles and colors. It provides a timeless and elegant look, adding to the overall appeal of your home. 

Gray is a widely accepted and compliant color for roofing in many places. Checking local regulations and restrictions is important when choosing shingle color. Lastly, gray is a low-maintenance option, addressing the challenges posed by Florida’s humid climate.

Brown Colors

Opting for brown roof shingle colors for Florida homes can be a thoughtful decision, particularly if you have a front yard filled with pottery items. Brown color gives an earthy tone that creates warm and inviting aesthetics. Apart from adding to the appeal of Florida homes, brown shingles align with climate considerations of Florida. The darker hues absorb more sunlight, leading to enhanced insulation.

In addition, brown shingle roofs often blend well with lush greenery that is characteristic of Florida landscapes. It offers a harmonious link with the surroundings.  

Sand Colors

Choosing sand colors for shingle roofs in Florida can be a great choice due to several reasons. The sandy hues create a sense of tranquility and mix well with tropical and coastal landscapes of Florida. Sand colors are not only good with respect to the natural surroundings, but also reflect sunlight, leading to a cooler interior in the warm climate of Florida. Sand is often a widely accepted and compliant color for roofing, aligning well with local regulations. 

Overall, sand colored roof shingles not only add to the appeal of your home, but also align with practical considerations such as Florida’s climate and local regulations, making it an ideal pick for Florida homeowners. 

Green color

Choosing green color for shingle roofs in Florida can be a good pick, especially when you’re surrounded by lots of greenery and evergreen trees in your front yard. This color choice blends in perfectly with the natural environment, adding to the aesthetics of your home. 

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, green roofs can lead to cooler homes by reflecting sunlight. It can be a perfect thing if you’re living in the Sunshine State. This quality aligns with the needs for energy efficiency and better temperature regulations. In addition to this, green roofs also resist fading due to UV rays. This ensures that the color remains vibrant and stays for a long time in Florida’s sunny climate. Green color is also widely accepted and compliant with local regulations for roofing colors.


To conclude, the process of choosing the perfect roof shingle color for Florida homes requires a complete balance between aesthetic preferences and other considerations. These considerations include Florida’s climate, local laws and regulations, UV resistance, and maintenance needs, to name a few. It is important for homeowners to choose a color that comply with these factors to make an informed decision. 

Whether going for the elegant gray, the warm charm of brown, or the natural green color, every color comes with its own benefits. From enhancing energy efficiency and insulation, to adding to the appeal of your home, the selected color plays an important role in how your home appears to be. Overall, a well-informed decision, accounting for both visual appeal and climate suitability will ensure a stylish exterior. 


  1. How does the right shingle color contribute to energy efficiency in Florida homes?
    The right shingle color contributes to energy efficiency in Florida homes by reflecting sunlight, reducing heat absorption, and maintaining a cooler interior, particularly in warmer months.
  2. Should I consult with a roofing professional, and how can they help me make the best color choice for my Florida home?
    Consulting with a roofing professional is advisable, as they can provide expertise on factors like climate suitability, UV resistance, and local regulations, assisting you in making the best color choice for your Florida home.
  3.  How do different shingle colors impact the overall temperature inside my home?
    Different shingle colors impact the overall temperature inside your home by influencing heat absorption. Lighter colors, like gray or sand, reflect more sunlight, contributing to a cooler interior, while darker colors, such as brown or green, absorb heat, potentially enhancing warmth during cooler periods.


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